Producer Registration form

Complete this registration form and submit it to enable access to your client’s policies online, as well as the Rapid Rater quote program for Dwelling Quotes. Please fully complete this form before submitting it to the NMPIP. Your sign-on ID and temporary password will be sent to you by email at the address you submitted for the agency email address.

We can only authorize one registration for each agency, so please use the Agency Tax ID or the Agent's SSN, (whichever is used to file Income Taxes) and only one email address for the agency. We are not able to authorize individual producers, multiple users or more than one email address within an agency.


(This is how your commission checks will be issued.)

Mailing address

Physical address

  • Please select from the drop down list if you write solely for a single company.
  • Select Independent if you write for multiple companies.
  • If you selected OTHER, please list the name of the company.